Galactic 2D

Welcome to Phantom Games Development's First In-House Engine Technology, the Galactic 2D Engine Software. Galactic 2D (G2D) is a cross-platform engine that serves as a 'barebones' game engine, providing you (the developer) with a toolset containing cross-platform rendering, sound, networking, and a toolset of helpful C++ classes to design numerous types of applications from. As implied from the prior statement, Galactic 2D is written in C++, however it has built in LUA-JIT scripting to help deploy your software. While G2D was written to serve game developers looking to develop Top-Down, and Side-Scroller games, this technology also serves as a great base for software developers looking to bypass the challenge of using MFC or qT to create dialogs and graphics, and the built in networking system provided by the powerful and compact eNet library, gives developers a one-up on the competetion when it comes to features.

Galactic 2D is current in development, however details and information regarding the engine software may be viewed on the pages here. Check back later for more details!