Advanced FPS Kit

The Advanced FPS Kit is the third pack for Torque 3D created by Robert Fritzen. This pack is meant to assist developers of First Person Shooter (FPS) games by introducing a set of new tools and tutorials oriented to the FPS Audience. This pack adds a new GUI Control common to almost every FPS game out there today, a Minimap/Radar with full rotation and rendering compatibility. I also provide you with many different tools such as custom game loadouts created by the players, or set by the hosts. You'll also recieve a full Capture The Flag experience in the pack allowing you to build on the concept of team based game modes. Lastly, this pack explores many different routes of FPS games, including destructive weaponry, FPS design, and FPS systems. The Advanced FPS Kit is likely to arrive sometime in March, however we are now having open discussions about the pack on our forums. The Advanced FPS Kit will sell for $45 USD through PayPal when it is released, so check back later!