The Torque Pack
The PGD Ultimate Torque Pack is our final major offering (as of now) to the Torque 3D game engine, With this pack you'll have access to all of our prior packs we have created, including the Multiplayer Assembly Package, the Dynamic Weather Pack, the Advanced FPS Kit, and all of the T3D Micro Packs we have created. This sale offering once was a special deal-time only offering, and it has now been refashioned as a permanent offering to you. The original price of all of our items we have sold before would be marked at $112.97 if you purchased all of them separately, but now, through this offering, you can purchase all of our packs for the great low price of $70*, which is a savings of $42.97.

Note, This bundle package also grants you access to any future packs and addons we make for Torque 3D, free of charge.

Pack Cost: $70
Payment is fulfilled through Paypal
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* This price is subject to change upon the release of any new pack content, people who have purchased at a lower price will not be required to pay additional to access new releases.