Multiplayer Assembly Package
Features of the Multiplayer Assembly Package

MAP offers two C++ libraries to Torque 3D, Crypto++ and cURL to add security and a network layer overhead to address issues in the T3D TCPObject and HTTPObject. Inside this pack is the full source code to the upgraded XXZ-568 package I wrote as a resource back in 2010-2011, and full doccumentation on how to install this pack compared to the lacking installation instructions of the resource. This pack also applies the cURL library to replace the TCPObject which was prone to access violations. You also get a set of tutorials written by Robert Fritzen in how to set up a secure multiplayer environment, as well as some more goodies such as a news system and a secure rank and progression system for use in multiplayer games. As of Version 2.0, MAP now provides to you a fully functioning PHP/MySQL Master server solution to avoid needing to haslte with expensive server solutions, or even need to worry about managing one. And you don't even need to install the cryptography in your copy of T3D to use it!!!.

Purchasing this pack also grants you access for full pack support provided on our forums, where we will answer any questions regarding trouble installing the pack, to any general questions you may have regarding the pack. We even take the input of our members regarding future pack content including additional tutorials and more features!

As an added bonus for purchasing this pack, you also get source code access to the PGD Survival demo for the pack to use as a learning tool on how to use the Multiplayer Assembly Package to set up stats systems, lobbies, and much more! All for $25!