T3D Micro Addons

First introduced as a side addition along-side the AFPSK AI Lite pack, this addon re-introduces the MissileProjectile type that was present in Tribes 2 (SeekerProjectile in T2). The parameters of the missile projectile are almost identical, however this projectile has recieved an update from the old version of it. With this addon, you can define various different missiles and rockets with full target lock & seek capabilities. The missile is fully capable of avoiding terrain, and it can also be deflected by flares you set specific to the missile's datablock. You also get the accompanying Targeting Overlay GUI that will help you select targets for your new missile projectile class. If you already own the AFPSK or AFPSK AI Lite for Torque 3D, Do Not Purchase This Item

Pack Cost: $6.99
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