T3D Micro Addons

The PGD Micro Projectile Pack is your one-stop purchase access point to all four of our micro projectile pack addons. Purchasing this addon gives you a single key loaded with access to our Missile Projectile, Laser Projectile, Tracer Projectile, and the Beam Projectile all for the low price of $16.99, which is a 30% discount from buying each of the four packs seperately. This pack also gives you permanent access to any projectile packs released in the future, free of additional charge! *1. For details on the individual projectile packs, please see the links above.

*1: This does not guarentee that any further packs will be developed, however, in the event one is released, you will recieve it with your purchase.

Pack Cost: $16.99
Payment is fulfilled through Paypal
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