The Horde is Coming, Are you Prepared???

The zombies are coming, and the only thing standing between your delicious brains and them, is your glorious shotgun (or other preferred weapon).

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*** Game Features

* Co-Op Survival: Team up with friends for the survival experience you know TWM2's Horde for!

* Simple hosting GUI allows you to quickly play a solo game, or start up a multiplayer server where players may join you.

* Simple Weapon System: No need to learn tedious controls, You can hold two guns that you purchase using your in game points from armories. Simply run up and get more ammo or more gear when you need it, but of course, pay attention to those brain feeding menaces when you do so.

* Continuous Gameplay: Hold on as long as you possibly can with a never-ending force of zombies. Rack up some serious points as you tear through their lines, and hit some bonus jackpots for surviving an extended period of time.

* XXZ-568 Auth. System: Servers down? No problem, our RSA certificate system allows you to log-in and play even when our account servers are down, and you don't even need an internet connection!

* Affinity: Progress your weapon levels to unlock specializations to enhance your weapons, and unlock additional tools to mow down the horde.

* Specializations: Enhance your preferred tool of destruction to fire more bullets, hold more ammo, vaporize zombies with pulse rounds, and much more!

* And of course, the best part, it's FREE, what more could you ask for???

(C) Phantom Games Development, 2012