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Phantom Games Development Wiki


Welcome to the Phantom Games Development Wiki, you can find specific information regarding our projects or games here.


Phantom Games Development is a game design and development company created on August 2, 2009, by the original three founding members, Robert Fritzen, Jacob Williamson (retired), and Robert MacGregor. The original creation of Phantom Games Development dates further back than the official date, to the point when the Tribes 2 modification, Total Warfare Mod 2 was created. However, the official date was designated as the point that our first website was launched. Phantom Games Development has used two domain names the first one was used between August 2009 and August 2010 ( at which point we switched to the now current domain name (

Most of our staff members specialize in the Torque Game Engine and it's relevant sub-categories of engines as our programming experience mainly comes from Tribes 2 modding, and then working with the engine itself.

There have been numerous staff additions and staff retirements made over the course of our current five year run, and we continue to add new staff members as the talent comes along!

We currently have no “official” game releases, however a few small mini-game projects and Torque 3D engine addons have been released to the public. Currently, our team consists of a few programmers who spend some spare time working on fun little projects that we enjoy.

Our Current Team:

Staff Member's Name Screen Name Role
Robert Fritzen Phantom139 CEO/Founder, Programmer, Designer
Casey Banasik DarkTiger Programmer, Art Lead
Robert MacGregor Ragora Programmer, Designer
- Minehem Community Manager, Programmer

Active / Released Projects

Item Name Item Type Release Date Cost
PGD Survival Torque 3D Game Dec. 2011 Free
Multiplayer Assembly Package Torque 3D Pack Feb. 2012 $20
Advanced FPS Kit Lite Torque 3D Pack Mar. 2014 $40 (Varying Prices for Single Purchases)
T3D Micro Addons Torque 3D Packs Apr. 2014 Varying Prices

Projects in Design / Early Development

Project Name Type Status
Galactic Engine Game Engine In Design, On Hold
Tactical Uprising 3-D FPS Game Design Only, Awaiting Galactic 3D
Beam Space 2-D Top Down Shooter Being Designed

Canceled Projects

Over the course of our first five years, we mainly experimented with the capabilities of Torque 3D, and some good ideas came out of it, however, these projects were canceled for reasons specified below:

Project Name Type Original Project Date Reason for being Canceled
Battlelord Armor Divisions 3D TPS Tank Game Late 2009 - Mid 2011 Un-fixable problems in TGEA, limited development support
Nightstorm RPG 3D FPS RPG Late 2010 - Early 2011 Robert F's development computer crashed, all original source code lost (only a binary installer remained)
AFPSK Full T3D Pack Early 2014 No sales on any of the three released portions at the end of AFPSK (AI Lite, AFPSK Lite, PGD Bundle)
Legacies 3D FPS RPG Mid 2014 Engine limitations, desire to work on Galactic 2D. Project was handed off to a co-developer, but no updates has it dead in water
Dynamic Weather Pack T3D Pack Jan 1. 2016 No sales on DWP for over 2 years, content resourced to community for free
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