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Beam Space


Beam Space is Phantom Games Development's first “commercial” game project in development currently. Beam Space is a 2D Top-Down multiplayer only shooter game where the “players” take the role of two sides “Anti-Virus” and “Virus”, which by definition, the game takes place in a “virtual world” inside a computer.

There is no set release date planned yet for Beam Space, however an initial estimation of sometime in 2014-2015 will be made. Beam Space will likely sell for $9.99.

While all of the core features of Beam Space are not yet decided upon, there will likely be a vast assortment of weaponry and game modes to play, and multiplayer games supporting up to 128 players (Although most will likely run 64) will be allowed.

Beam Space is the highlight tech demo revealing Phantom Games Development's Galactic 2D Game Engine.


Beam Space is a multiplayer only game in which large games of many players in large teams compete against each-other to reach a certain score limit to win the game. There are a vast array of weapons and options for your player to be outfitted with. There are currently no micro-addons or DLC planned for Beam-Space, and full mod support under the Galactic 2D Engine will be provided for Beam Space. There is a full multiplayer ranking & progression system included in Beam Space.


Beam Space has a wide variety of player options to use, and they revolve around two classes of information, human players versus ai controlled players.


Players you control in Beam Space break down into three different “classes” based on their health and movement speeds.

Light Class

The Light Player class is the fastest moving player in the game, however it also has the lowest health in the game. Players who are well experienced in Beam-Space will likely be using Light Player classes and running around as the team's Sniper or using the player to get in close with a Stream Weapon.

Medium Class

The Medium Player class is a all-purpose player with well balanced stats on nearly all levels, able to take some more hits at the cost of moving a little slower, the medium class is recommended for players who maybe have some experience in the game, and are ready to kick off the training wheels of the heavy class' health.

Heavy Class

The Heavy Player class is the juggernaut of the team, providing the highest level of health, but the slowest movement speeds. This class is perfect for players who want to lock down an area from enemy players and dispatch of them by taking a lot of hits while dishing out their own set of firepower.

AI Controlled Players

AI Players, controlled by the enemy in Fl00d come in a large variety of shapes and sizes, you will also see these AI in some of the regular game modes, but in much smaller numbers and variants.


Flares are the smallest enemy in the game, appearing as a spark with a trail behind it. Flares are able to divert some projectiles towards itself and some of them are equipped with the ability to fire light damaging pulse projectiles themselves.


Beam Space has a vast assortment of weaponry that you may use and they classify under a few categories of weapons as noted below. All weapons may be outfitted with “Toolkits” to enhance their performance or add new features to them.

Beam Weapons

Beam Weapons are your standard stock and trade in Beam Space, they function like assault rifles providing semi-auto or full-auto fire with high accuracy and good damage over range overall.


The CMR-9 is the very first weapon in the game you can use, it's a fully automatic 30 shot per clip beam weapon with the highest accuracy in the game. The CMR-9 has full toolkit access allowing many of the game's upgrades to work on this weapon.


The CMS-ABR2 is unlocked at level 6 in the game and is a semi-automatic beam weapon with high damage output as the range increases, the weapon however lacks in the accuracy of the CMR-9, and is therefore usually advised for use in closer encounters, but for players who can gain mastery over the accuracy problems of the CMS-ABR2, this weapon will find it's way quickly into their favorited hands.


The SS-B4R is unlocked at level 10 in the game and is a bolt action rifle with extreme damage at close range, dropping off with distance. The toolkits of the gun can upgrade it to behave more like a sniper rifle, or to enhance the loading system to make it into a semi automatic weapon. This weapon is usually preferred by players who have limited marksman experience in the game, but are ready to bridge the gap into that experience.


The HVLBR-95 is unlocked at level 16 in the game and is the second fully automatic beam weapon a player unlocks. This weapon has a very high damage output at close range and drops off over distance, however the fire rate and accuracy of the weapon are significantly lower than that of the CMR-9. The HVLBR-95 is mainly built for players who have gained mastery over their CMR-9 and are looking for some higher firepower.


The TAR-G7 is unlocked at level 20 and is a weapon that behaves very similar to it's real world counterpart, providing a high fire output with good accuracy and light to moderate damage. This is a weapon that players who may suffer from hitting their targets will find fitting into their hands very well, and it will provide them with all the firepower they will need to succeed in the virtual battlefield.


The APCAR-14 is unlocked at level 26 and is an all purpose assault weapon that starts as a fully automatic assault weapon with balanced statistics on damage, fire rate, accuracy, and more, but has a wide assortment of Toolkits that adjust the performance of this weapon. It's all in the acronym with APCAR: All Performance Combat Assault Rifle.


The AK-47X is unlocked at level 30, making it the final weapon unlocked in the game. This weapon is a game loving virus weapon maker's dream, the ultimate weapon in terms of firepower, but suffering from it's standard kick and accuracy problems. The weapon's toolkits can upgrade the weapon in a variety of useful and deadly ways.

Pulse Weapons

Pulse Weapons are built to do one thing, deliver a large amount of projectiles in the fastest time possible. These weapons are usually built to provide complete dominance in the close to moderate ranges providing high fire rates and high ammo capacities.

Anti-Data Beam Weapons

Anti-Data Beam Weapons, ADB Weapons for short, provide the highest damage output against a single target in the game, equating to your sniper rifles for the uninformed. These high powered weapons provide high damage, and long range firing capabilities while suffering from low ammo counts and rechambering times.

Stream Weapons

Stream Weapons provide players with the in-your-face combat style typical of real-world shotguns, grating the player access to high damage at close range with multiple projectiles fired at once. These weapons excel at the close range.

Photon Weapons

Photon Weapons provide non-velocity projectiles that can provide very punishing effects to players who are unfortunate enough to get hit by these projectiles, they also excel at taking down defenses, or eliminating tougher enemies, but they usually suffer from low ammo counts or high recharge times.

Ranking System

Beam Space has a progression system in which players may earn experience in game by killing enemy players and AI, completing objectives, completing challenges, and by doing other tasks. After a player reaches the final rank in the game, they may choose to enter “Program Affinity” mode, which is a “CoD Prestige” style system in which the player's rank will reset to 1, they will re-lock their weapons, but earn new customization options to use in game. It is currently undecided if there will be a endless ranking system like the one in Tactical Uprising, or if the system will cap out at 15 with a reset at 1 option instead. This will be decided at a later date.

Rank Number Rank Icon Rank Number Rank Icon Affinity Number Affinity Icon
1 16 1
2 17 2
3 18 3
4 19 4
5 20 5
6 21 6
7 22 7
8 23 8
9 24 9
10 25 10
11 26 11
12 27 12
13 28 13
14 29 14
15 30 15

Game Modes

The following game modes have been slated for Beam Space


3l1m1n4t10n is a special game mode where one person is selected to become the infected packet. This infected packet spawns with 750% normal health and does more damage to players, as the infected packet kills enemy players, they become “minor infected” packets that have 45% health and do light damage. The infected team wins if all players become infected, and the players win if the initial infected is destroyed, and the light infected (whose re-spawning is disabled when the initial dies) are also destroyed.

C0r3 C0nqu3r

C0r3 C0nqu3r is a CTF style game for Beam Space where each team has a core to defend. Players can grab the core from the enemy team and must return it to their own base to score points. After a certain amount of captures is reached, the game is over.


L0ckd0wn is a team versus team game mode where score is earned for map control. The map becomes a grid and as players move over the grid, the territory becomes owned by the team the player is on. Territories can be fought over and conquested by both teams. Team score increases at a faster rate as the team control increases. The team that hits the score limit first wins the game.


Fl00d is a team survival game mode that 6-8 players may play and it pits this small team as a AV group protecting a central core from a flood of Spam bots of various difficulties. While most of them will simply ignore the players at first and go for the core, the game will become progressively more difficult with tougher bots, and eventually bots and enemy support that target the players. The game is endless and runs until the team's core is destroyed.

Tech Demo

Beam Space is set to be the tech reveal demo behind our new Galactic 2D engine software. Developers who purchase a Studio License will also receive the full source code to beam-space free of charge as a learning tool.

G2D developers who do not have this license may purchase a copy of the source code to Beam-Space for $35 from the G2D Store.

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