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Galactic Engine

The Galactic Engine is a game engine developed by Phantom Games Development. Development of this engine began late 2013, with major progress towards the engine beginning in early to mid January 2014.

The Galactic Engine features three different branches of engine technology and they are as follows:

Development Team

The following Phantom Games Development staff members are currently developing the Galactic Engine Technology:

Engine Technology

The Galactic Engine makes use of the C++ language. Debate between developers is currently underway but the general consensus appears to support LUAJIT as the primary scripting language of the Galactic Engine. Galactic makes use of OpenGL Technologies for rendering game scenes to allow for cross-platform compatibility. The Galactic Engine also makes use of a variety of third party libraries to handle the codework of more complex features. You can read about the libraries and engine components further by clicking the individual branches of the engine above.

Publicity and Availability

As a relatively new announcement to Phantom Games Development, the Galactic Engine is still mainly in the design phase with some limited code work and library selection done. The current thought process between our staff is to complete the Galactic 2D Engine first and release an accompanying game, Beam Space to reveal and demonstrate the technology. The Galactic Server will shortly follow to allow for dedicated multiplayer solutions to be introduced. Development for Galactic 3D, if it has not begun at that point will proceed and will then be used for the Tactical Uprising series and games to follow.

Some thought has been placed forth regarding the release and publicity of the engine itself. While this is not yet set in stone, a free version of the Galactic Engine will likely be released for development of Freeware games (Games and software that do not generate any revenue) and will run directly under the standard Galactic Engine application, and a paid license will be required for Profitable Return which will grant full control over usage of the engine. This is still in debate and will be decided at a future point.

A separate discussion was had regarding allowing developers to create modules and sell those as packs for the community. Decisions regarding how we will work with developers on Galactic Modules will come at a later point in time.

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