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Legacies is a game developed using the MIT released Torque 3D Game Engine. It features quick based combat overlayed with a small RPG system. Legacies is a revival of the Tribes 2 Mod: Powers Mod, created by Robert Fritzen (Phantom139). This project is currently in development with no active beta release to participate in. The beta for Legacies will be open to all members of the Phantom Games Development forums. Beta testers will receive a special in game banner and will be entered into a special pre-game release content in which winners will earn PGD Points to use in the game's store.


Legacies is a revival of the semi-popular Powers Mod for Tribes 2. It features fast paced action with a RPG element based around three classes of gameplay. The Protector, the Demon, and the Phantom. Each class has a unique set of powers that may be purchased using skill points obtained by leveling up the player's character. Unlike Powers Mod, each power can then be further upgraded through a Skill Tree, allowing a base power to gain a unique set of sub-abilities that will provide numerous different combinations for players to use. Legacies features a few types of game modes for players who prefer solo gameplay and team based action.

The Development Team for Legacies consisted of Robert Fritzen until recent times, at which point development of the project has been handed off to Minehem, who is currently overseeing completion of the remaining work so Legacies may reach a releasable point.

Legacies is completely free to play for everyone with a in-game account registration system using no account keys. There are some basic cosmetic and minor upgrade purchasable items that may be bought.

Additional content packs are likely to be developed and released in the future. The current thought of mind is to release them free of charge to all players, but that will be decided at a later point.



Protectors are the primary defense class of Legacies, with a set of abilities based around providing status bonuses to themselves and their teammates. The Protector is also the only class in the game with healing abilities, which makes them a great asset for team objective game modes. They also have a set of basic offensive abilities to balance the set of defensive powers the class is built upon. From Powers Mod, this was originally the “Witch” class, and is the only class to receive a substantial core modification of it's mechanics to balance the new system of gameplay.


Energy Shot

The Energy Shot power is the basic offensive ability associated with the Protector class, like all other classes, the Energy Shot is a low damage, quick recharge ability for quick use. The skill tree for the Energy Shot includes functioning to allow for quicker recharging, and health restoration on friendly targets hit by the bolt.

Light Blast

The Light Blast power is a more effective offensive ability when dealing with multiple targets, it launches a pulse of energy forward that explodes on impact. The skill tree for Light Blast includes upgrades to apply a short concussion or stun effect to hit targets with a small chance.


The Renewal power is a self health restoration ability the Protector class has. It regenerates a small percentage of health (10% - 15%) over a period of about 20 seconds. The skill tree for Renewal includes a quicker recharge of the ability, a slight increase in the healing amount, and a reduction of the time to receive the full heal effect. Using the Renewal power also triggers a cooldown on the Restoration power equal to the cooldown time of Renewal.

Sonic Wave

The Sonic Wave power is a support power that sends a wave of energy forward applying a knock-back and a small chance to apply a concussion effect to targets hit by the wave. The skill tree for Sonic Wave includes increasing the range the wave travels, as well as an increased chance to apply the concussion effect.


The Statis power is a support power that locks a single target in a field of energy preventing it from moving. Targets inside statis may still use their powers and the caster of Statis cannot use any other ability until the effect of stasis is lifted. The skill tree for Stasis includes effect modifications and a last point selection between removing the power lock of the caster and applying a power lock to the target.


The Restoration power is an advanced health restoration ability of the Protector class. Restoration sends a pulse of energy outward applying a 15% heal over time effect to nearby teammates and a 30% heal over time effect to the caster. The skill tree for Restoration include increasing the pulse radius, the amount of healing to teammates, and time reduction on the effect. Using the Restoration power also triggers a cooldown on the Renewal power equal to the cooldown time of Restoration.


The Enhance power is an advanced support power for the Protector class that grants the caster an armor set. This effect by default gives a 10% reduction in all damage to the player. This effect may be upgraded through the skill tree for Enhance which includes applying effect negation, power cooldown reduction, and damage increase for casted powers. A skill point may also be allocated in place of effect negation to send a small pulse outward that also applies the Enhance ability to nearby teammates.


The Lightbomb power is an offensive ability of the Protector class and is highly effective for groups of enemies. Lightbomb quickly charges when activated and sends a bright pulse of energy forward that explodes with violent force. The skill tree for Lightbomb allow for damage increase of the power, applying concussion effects to hit targets and applying a status effect to a target which decreases their damage reduction.

Protector Pillar

The Protector Pillar power is an advanced combination defensive/support power for the Protector class. The power summons a single pillar to the battlefield. Only one protector pillar may be placed at a time and a Power Lock status effect is placed on the protector pillar power when one is active. The pillar acts as a local defensive device which fires energy pulses at enemies near it. The skill tree for the Protector Pillar power allow the pillar to function in a multitude of ways including providing healing, power reduction effects and even serve as a spawn point for the casting player.


The Discharge power is a heavy offensive ability of the Protector class, sending a pulse of energy outward in all directions causing concussion damage to any enemies affected by the pulse. The skill tree for the Discharge power include increasing the damage radius, the damage done, and applying an additional slow effect to hit targets with a small chance.

Ultraviolet Wave

The Ultraviolet Wave power is the ultimate offensive ability for the Protector class, interfacing with the local atmosphere to create an electrical storm in the region, the Ultraviolet Wave applies a Power Lock effect to any targets surviving the lightning strikes. The skill tree for the Ultraviolet Wave power include reducing the cooldown time, increasing the storm duration, and increasing the duration of the Power Lock caused by the storm.


Demons are the primary offensive class of the game, with a set of abilities focused on dealing damage, and applying damage related status effects. Demons possess an incredible variety of fire and electrical based powers that can apply burn damage and with their electrical powers, they can function as a support role by setting up a Power Lock hold on a target to prevent them from doing too much damage. Or even slowing or bringing the opposition closer in for the kill.


Flame Shot

The basic ability of the Demon class, fires a single bolt of fire energy at a target with a quick recharge for rapid firing. The skill tree for the Flame Shot power include adding a radius damage to the fire bolt, and applying a weak burn effect with a small chance to hit targets.


The Fireball power is the standard power of the Demon class. A quick blast of fire that can cause a burn damage effect with a small chance on targets. The skill tree for the Fireball power is unique in a way that instead of upgrading individual abilities, you can upgrade the entire fireball in tiers (IE: Fireball Lv. 2, Lv. 3, ect.). Each tier of upgrade increases the damage of the explosion, the radius of the explosion, and the chance to apply a burn effect with a cost of slightly increasing the cooldown with each level. The skill tree is completely toggle activated allowing the Demon player to switch what level of Fireball they want to use in their game.

Energy Ball

The Energy Ball power launches an electrically charged pulse of energy at a target exploding on impact. The pulse has a small chance to apply a Slow effect to targets. The skill tree for the Energy Ball power include increasing the damage done, the explosion radius, and a potential to apply a Power Lock status effect.

Energy Drain

The Energy Drain power is a support power for the Demon class which fires a pulse of energy at a target. The pulse applies a Power Lock status effect to a random power in the hotfire bar of the hit target. The skill tree for the Energy Drain power include hitting multiple powers in the target's hotfire bar, and allowing the power to apply a Cooldown Reduction effect to teammates that are hit by the pulse.


The Grip power is a semi support/defensive power of the Demon class that traps a single target in a special Stasis effect that moves toward the casting player. While a target is affected by Grip they are immune to all damage but are placed in a Power Lock effect that is immediately lifted once Grip stops. The skill tree for the Grip power include increasing the duration of the grip power and removing the immediate Power Lock removal in place of a short duration.

Flame Rush

The Flame Rush power is a risk/reward offensive ability of the Demon class. When activated the user is encased in a fire cone that is then violently launched forward. Targets hit by the cone are hit with a firey explosion and status effect. The caster is given a short Burn damage status effect for using this power. The skill tree for Flame Rush include increasing the explosion radius, explosion force and damage, and removing the burn effect applied to the caster.

Rail Beam

The Rail Beam power is a precision damage power that charges up a high energy laser projectile that hits a single target with a high amount of damage. Targets hit by the Rail Beam power are hit with a significant knockback and Concussion effect. The skill tree for the Rail Beam power include increasing the force of the beam, reducing the cooldown, and a toggle activated skill for a mega-beam which has a guaranteed one hit kill on a hit target at the cost of applying a Power Lock on all other powers for a short time.

Splitfire Bomb

The Splitfire Bomb power launches a single fireball into the air above the area targeted currently by the caster. The bomb then explodes into a grouping of smaller firebombs that rain down on the target area. The skill tree for the Splitfire Bomb power include increasing the amount of firebombs spawned, the damage they do, and a small chance to apply a burn damage effect to hit targets.

Fire Slam

The Fire Slam power is a specialized offensive power that summons a pillar of flames and slams it into the ground in front of the caster. Any targets hit by the pillar take extreme fire damage and are given an immediate burn damage effect. The skill tree of the Fire Slam power include increasing the radius of the slam, the duration of the burn, and reducing the cooldown of Fire Slam.

Electrical Dome

The Electrical Dome power is a defensive power that sends a pulse of lightning energy outward. Targets hit by the dome are given a Slow effect and have a chance to be given a Power Lock effect on one power. Teammates hit by the pulse are given a minor Damage Enhancement effect. The skill tree for the Electrical Dome power include increasing the duration of the various effects the dome applies and increasing the radius of effect.


The Firestorm power is the ultimate offensive ability for the Demon class. When activated a large dome of fire is summoned around the casting player and set into rotational motion causing heavy burn damage to any targets caught inside the dome. The skill tree for the Firestorm power include increasing the damage done by the power, and the duration the power remains active.


Phantoms are a specialized class of offense and support roles boasting a grouping of powers that specialize in the Shadow Energy status effect which are capable of dealing extreme damage to unaware targets. The Phantom class also specializes in long range artillery bombardment powers which are capable of applying a variety of destructive effects. The Phantom class suffers from the longest power cooldown of all of the classes due to their destructive nature, but when primed and ready, the Phantom class is capable of pulling the highest numerical damage values of all of the classes.


Shadow Pulse

The basic ability of the Phantom Class, the Shadow Pulse power fires a single pulse of energy forward. The skill tree for the Shadow Pulse power include applying a Shadow Energy effect, detonating it, and a selection between launching three pulses at once or having an energy sink that allows for highly rapid firing of pulses.

Shadow Rush

The Shadow Rush power launches three quick shadow missiles at a target to dish out damage at a very quick pace. The skill tree for the Shadow Rush power include increasing damage, the amount of strikes, and applying a frost based Slow effect to hit targets.


The Flicker power charges an unstable dark energy sphere that is then launched forward detonating violently on impact. Flicker alone is capable of detonating Shadow Energy affected targets to deal bonus explosive damage. The skill tree for the Flicker power include increasing the explosion radius, allowing Flicker to apply Shadow Energy to unaffected targets and upgrading Flicker to have an Unstable Blast which can hit targets with extreme concussion damage when it explodes.


The Frostbite power fires a single shadow infused ice shard forward which can apply a frost based Slow effect to hit targets. The skill tree for the Frostbite power include increasing the Slow duration, increasing the shard damage and firing three shards at once.

Shadow Bomb

The Shadow Bomb power launches a orb of shadow energy in an arc like manner. When the orb makes contact it begins to absorb shadow energy until a critical state is met and the orb violently explodes. The Shadow Bomb power alone is capable of detonating Shadow Energy affected targets to deal bonus explosive damage. The skill tree for the Shadow Bomb power include increasing the damage radius, and damage done, applying the Shadow Energy status effect to unaffected targets, and allowing the bomb to attain critical state once fired such that it detonates on impact.

Shadow Strike

The Shadow Strike power is a specialized offensive power that effectively works when it fully hits the target. When activated, the Shadow Strike power launches two shadow infused pulses that seek a target. The first pulse hits with light damage and applies the Shadow Energy status effect, and the second pulse detonates it. The skill tree for the Shadow Strike power include increasing the speed of the projectiles, increasing the bonus damage of the second projectile, and reducing the cooldown of Shadow Strike.

Shadow Wave

The Shadow Wave power is a combination support and offensive power that launches a wave of energy forward. Targets hit by the energy wave are knocked back, if the target has the Shadow Energy status effect, it is immediately detonated dealing massive damage. The skill tree for the Shadow Wave power include increasing the range the wave travels, increasing the force on Shadow Effect detonations caused by this power, and applying a Concussion effect to targets with a small chance.

Shadow Artillery

The Shadow Artillery power is an artillery bombardment power that opens a shadow rift above the targeted location and drops a group of Shadow Bombs over the area. Bombs created by Shadow Artillery are capable of detonating Shadow Energy affected targets to deal bonus explosive damage. The skill tree for the Shadow Artillery power include reducing the cooldown, increasing the amount of bombs dropped, and applying the Shadow Energy effect to unaffected targets.


The Hailstorm power is an artillery bombardment power that opens a shadow rift above the targeted location and drops a rain of frost shards over the area. These shards apply a long duration Slow effect to hit targets. The skill tree for the Hailstorm power includes increasing the duration of the ice storm, increasing the damage of the ice shards, and granting a small chance for the ice shards to apply a Power Lock to hit targets.

Shadow Storm

The Shadow Storm power is a heavy hitting offensive ability of the Phantom class. When activated the caster is placed in a special movement lock Slow effect. A large electrical storm then breaks out over the targeted area causing extreme damage to any targets within the zone. Activation of Shadow Storm triggers a Power Lock on all other powers lasting for half the duration of the cooldown of Shadow Storm. The skill tree for the Shadow Storm power include increasing the storm duration, reducing the cooldown, and a choice between removing the Power Lock on the other powers and detonating all targets that have Shadow Energy applied to them, and applying the effect to targets without it.

Shadow Slam

The Shadow Slam power is the ultimate offensive ability for the Phantom class. When activated, the caster moves into the air, pulls in an extreme amount of shadow energy and violently outbursts it in a large shockwave that causes extreme damage to all targets hit by the wave. Shadow Slam can detonate targets affected by Shadow Energy and apply it to unaffected targets. The skill tree for Shadow Slam include increasing the shockwave radius, increasing the force of Shadow Energy detonations caused by this power, and reducing the power cooldown.



Hillside is the smallest map for Legacies at the release of the game, taking place in a marshland valley during a torrential hurricane. The battles on this map will be quick and explosive and players will need to take advantage of the terrain and the extreme weather conditions for cover and to strike.


Badlands is a medium sized map that takes place in a mountainous region, there is a large central valley where most of the action will take place, and some elevated locations where players can pry on their unsuspecting victims below.


Hail takes place on a medium sized combat plane, there are multiple structures that players may use for cover from the opposing team's fire, and from the unsuspecting and quickly changing weather conditions that for unfortunate reasons, are calling for some extreme hail events. Players who are unlucky enough to be caught outside will face the wrath of the frozen precipitation before they can even catch a break.


Dome takes place in a failed environmental project encased by a bio-dome. This map is small-medium sized and offers a few locations of terrain in which players may take advantage of their opposition in numerous ways.


Katabatic is a classic Tribes 2 map that has been remastered for Legacies, the large rolling mountains of this frigid battlefield will provide multiple lanes of assault while the central route provides the quickest and most assertive way into the opposing team's base.


Glacier takes place on a large arctic Glacier. There are numerous crevasses in which unsuspecting players will fall to their unpleasant demise on. The glacier also features an unsuspecting end to where running for you life will also end in a quite embarrassing death by environment message.


Slapdash is a classic Tribes 2 map that has been remastered for Legacies, taking place in a wetlands environment, Slapdash features rolling hills and water zones for players to take advantage of for cover and ambush attacks.


Harmony takes place in a futuristic central downtown location. This map is one of the smaller locales for Legacies and features quick and violent combat situations along the central routes of the map that cross to the structures in which the teams reside.

Game Modes

Legacies will feature a grouping of solo based and team based game modes to give players a variety of combat experiences.


The standard free for all experience, the first player to reach a certain score by killing other players is declared the winner of the match.

Team Deathmatch

The standard team based experience, two teams of 4 - 8 players battle eachother to reach a certain score by killing members of the other team. The first team to a certain score wins the match.


The classic Powers Mod experience returns with this revolutionized version of the classic Tribes 2 Hunters game mode. A player must earn points by obtaining crystals from other players and taking it to the Nexus. Random drops of crystals will give bonus score to players who are willing to enter the chaotic frenzy fest of crystal gathering. Earn mucho grande point values by bringing in more crystals at a time. The first player to reach a certain score wins the match.

Team Seekers

The Seekers experience battled out with two team of 4 - 8 players competing to reach a certain score value.


A team of 4 players are stranded in a region. AI controlled Hostiles of all class types are moving in for the kill, how long can your team survive the endless frenzy?

Purchasing System

While Legacies is a completely free to play game, I am building in a purchasing system to generate some revenue for Phantom Games Development, Go Supporters.. Yeah!!

Items purchased in the store are mainly of cosmetic sort such as special death effects, persistent armor effects, and special menu and in game text coloration (Because I know you love having a rainbow name in the menu). Items will be purchased in game using PGD Points which can be purchased and assigned to your forums account. From there you can assign the points to your GUID (Which is shown to you in the main menu) or even give a gift to a friend. Points may be purchased as follows:
*1 Point = $1
*7 Points = $5
*15 Points = $10
*50 Points = $25

I will be coding the ability to allow you to transfer points between different accounts on the forums and in game. For Example: You buy 50 points. Keep 30 for yourself. You are allowed to give 10 points to one friend and 10 for another.

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items allow you to change the appearance of your in game character by means of coloration, special effects, and other goodies. You can also gain access to menu colorization and special badges to display in the menus.

Custom Titles

There will be a wide selection of custom player background titles you will be able to purchase for 3 points each. Player background titles are shown almost everywhere in game from the pre-game lobby to every time you kill another player or earn “legendary” medals. Current engine work is being made to allow for animated player titles. These will go for 5 - 7 points a piece. We will be pushing many titles to the game with each month of the release.

Power Coloration

The Power coloration purchasable allows you to modify the color of some of your powers (shown in game). This costs 5 points (est. $3 - $5) and can be used on all characters once bought.

Death Effect (DFX)

Dropping dead is boring, so let's spruce up the death a little bit with these purchasables. You can buy a variety of different effects ranging from a disintegration, to an explosion of fireworks and more. Each DFX costs 3 points (est. $2 - $3) and can be toggled through the in-game store.

Character Coloration

*NOTE: Will not be ready at game launch.* The character coloration purchasable will allow you to select from a different range of colors for your player. Special holiday skins and other goodies will be released for purchasing at a later date. Prices are yet to be determined.

Tired of the plain old menu color text? Spruce it up and colorize your name! A variety of different colors and moving color options are available for selection. The single color option costs 3 points (est. $2 - $3) and moving color options vary between 3 Points (est. $2 - $3) and 7 points ($5). The text colorization applies to menu text and certain in-game text locations.

Game Enhancement Items

While I want to keep the free to play experience free from pay to win imbalances, there will be a few items to allow you to slightly alter the odds in your favor if you play your cards correctly with these purchasables.

Hotfire Expansion

The Hotfire Expansion purchasable will cost 7 points ($5), and allows you to expand your hotfire bar from having a limit of 6 powers to having a limit of 8 powers.

Skill Expansion

The Skill Expansion purchasable will cost 7 points ($5), and grants an extra 7 skill points to be spent. This is the equivalent of obtaining level 57 at maximum rank. Should the level cap be raised at any point, new skill additions and point counters will reflect this expansion.

Jumpstart Tokens

The Jumpstart Expansion is a purchasable item that gives you 3 jumpstart tokens. This costs 7 Points ($5) and may be bought repeatedly to get more tokens. These tokens can be used on a newly created character to “jump” it from level 1 to level 35 (9000EXP Granted at Creation). This effectively allows you to jump right into advanced action by unlocking all three tiers of powers and giving you 35 skill points to spend right away.

Skill Reset Tokens

This purchasable costs 7 Points ($5) and gives you 15 skill reset tokens (You are given one skill reset token for reaching level 50 on a character). These tokens may be used to wipe all current skill trees and power purchases to give you all of your skill points back to re-allocate them.

Online Storage

This purchasable costs 7 Points ($5). Phantom Games Development currently is run on a website and therefore doesn't have access to servers for saving client information. If you grab this purchasable, we will save your player data on our website so in the case that you have a hard drive failure and/or lose your local data, you won't lose your game progress. This purchasable will be removed if & when PGD is able to obtain a dedicated server outside of our website and you will be refunded the 7 points to your account to use on other items.

DLC Packs

Legacies will have some DLC content packs. A majority of these will be free of charge to all users (They are entitled as DLC since they will require an external download). DLC's will be able to be downloaded through the Legacies web site here on Phantom Games Development. Announcements regarding these DLC packs will be made through the forums, and in game locations. For full information regarding these packs, feel free to read here:


DLC 1 is titled the Rise of the Industrial Age. It is free to all users and will be available within one to three months of the full game's release. It features three new maps, a new game mode, and a new fourth playable class.



Complex takes you to a tight engagement zone which takes place in a centralized city environment in a failed housing complex area. There will be lots of tight corners and quick engagements to be shared by the two teams as they battle for control of a central housing unit. A few of the other housing units around the map will be accessible and will provide flanking zones and good locations to provide use of support powers for your team. This will also be a great map for FFA Deathmatch as the fast paced action will make games quick to start and quick to end for the people who just want to get in a quick practice match.


Factory takes place inside an industrial factory located in the center of a large city. This will be the very first PGD Map to offer dynamic environments that are controlled by the player. This is a medium sized map which is going to be great for those team based games such as Seekers. Players will not only battle it out in tight combat zones, and long straight-ways, but they will also be fighting over the factory control rooms which control certain little dangerous items inside the factory to bring the end of a team's rampaging streak in seconds.


Rift is the largest of the three new maps, taking place on an aerial platform. There is a large central area where the main combat will be taking place, while smaller platforms on the outside of the main platform will hold team objective points. Players will fight for control of the central and outside platforms and the rift gates that connect the different platforms. This map is sure to bring a whole new set of tactical strategy to the game.

Game Mode

Capture The Flag

Capture the Flag is a classic first person game mode in which two teams have a flag in their base and must protect it from the other team, while trying to capture the opposing team's flag. Score points by capturing the enemy flag. The first team to a set number of captures is the winner of the game. Legacies will also feature a special One Flag CTF variant in which a neutral flag is located in the map center and it must be delivered to the enemy base to score.

New Class: Mechanist

Full details on the Mechanist will be revealed at a later date, the following is all you need to know about the Mechanist for now: This class will revolve around his technical knowledge and his advanced machinery to take control of key points on the battlefield. This class is a great defensive force when he needs to be, and a violent assault class when the other situation comes forth. His skill tree will have players bringing together new combinations in an attempt to maximize lethality, defensive lockdowns, or a balance of power between the two.

Mechanist Powers

Combat Shot

The basic power for the Mechanist. Materialize a pistol with 3 shots, the user can press the hotfire button again to fire the pistol.

Static Generator

Deploy a static generator that emits a slowing field to any enemies that enter it.

HE Grenade

Materialize a HE Grenade and launch it forward.

Defensive Barrier

Materialize an energy wall that takes incoming damage, the wall will disappear after a short time, or when destroyed.

Composite Mine

Deploy a composite tripmine that detonates when an enemy gets too close.

Gattler MK.II

Deploy a minature turret that fires a chaingun at enemy players who get in range. A player may have 2 of these at once.


Emit an energy field that overcharges all of your mechanist objects, they gain firing rate, and damage but are afflicted with a Damage Over Time effect until the buff is removed.

Teleport Pad

Deploy a teleport pad. A player may have two of these at a time, and two are required for the teleporter to work. A player may not use the teleport pad while carrying certain objectives (Flags, Seekers Crystals, Ect.)

Hellfire Battery

Deploy a hellfire turret that launches rockets at enemies who get in range of the turret. A player may have 1 of these at a time.

Combat Drone

Construct a flying combat drone armed with a mini-machine gun, the drone follows you around until destroyed, only one active Combat Drone is allowed at a time.

War Platform

Materialize a war platform around the user armed with two cannons that fires at enemies for 25 seconds then dematerializes. If the platform is destroyed while the user is inside it, the user is also killed.

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