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PGD Survival

PGD Survival is a cooperative zombie survival game released by Phantom Games Development on December 27, 2012. The game featured a full tech demo of the user authentication package, the Multiplayer Assembly Package for Torque 3D, which was later released as a product sold separately by PGD. PGD Survival is a free game that anyone may download and enjoy!

Gameplay Synopsis

PGD Survival is a first person shooter / survival game where players must survive against increasingly difficult encounters of zombies which slowly become more numerous and more difficult to kill as players complete waves of encounters. As zombies are killed, players earn points which are used to arm themselves with better weaponry and additional ammunition.

As players kill more zombies with specific weapons, the weapons themselves gain affinity, unlocking powerful enhancements to make dispatching zombies more easy. As weapons reached higher affinity levels, the ability to use additional weapons was unlocked.

At the launch of the game, the following weapons were featured:

  • Ryder: Semi automatic pistol, light damage but rapid firing
  • Duke: Semi automatic pistol, high damage but slow firing
  • Lurker: Automatic rifle, good crowd management
  • Disposition: Pump action shotgun, excellent for one-on-one encounters
  • Swarmer: Tri-Barrel Grenade Launcher
  • Ender: Single fire rocket launcher
  • Mamba: Sniper Rifle
  • Kral: Plasma Pistol, had the disintegrate ability built in
  • Kraad: Plasma Rifle, had the disintegrate ability built in
  • Kralmok: Plasma Cannon, Very destructive weapon

A Hidden weapon could be discovered by reaching affinity level 50 on every weapon in the game:

  • Tesla Forcer: Fires a stream of electrical energy that chained to other nearby zombies

Old History (Pre-T3D 4.0)

Originally, PGD Survival was going to be a small game that would have been released and then updated for a year or two, featuring new maps, weapons, and game features. The game originally launched on 12/27/2012 with one map, the original 10 weapons listed above, and a small set of game features. While the original game functioned properly, a few bugs were found in the underlying game systems which caused some issues with it. A series of hotfixes were released to address these launch problems in the short term while the underlying problem was investigated.

A week following the launch, the first version update patch ( was released which included the first set of balancing changes to the game, and the addition of a double affinity gain mode which was enabled for the weekend to test the system and as a thanks to the players of the game at the time.

The second version update patch ( added in the longer term fix for the account system issues and the game at the time was designated as stable. A hotfix later in the week added in a Torque 3D engine patch to support a wider range of video cards, which opened up access to more players. At this point in time, the first content update to the game, Arctic Outbreak, was announced for an early February, 2013 release.

At this point in time unfortunately, two sets of development problems effectively killed development of the project. First, the original codebase had become corrupted in an engine update which caused a loss of most of the game progression backend, followed by a crash of Robert F's development computer which removed his access to the developer copy of the game. From that point forward, PGD Survival was branded as a tech demo and did not receive updates beyond 1.2, a master server update which allowed players to find games to join without the need of additional hardware from PGD. At this point in time however, the development of the project ceased as the focus of Phantom Games Development moved onto developing packs to sell to other developers.

Fortunately, a good amount of the game backend was recovered by Robert F when his old development computer came alive for a short period of time for him to copy the original codebase to a USB drive to transfer to his current development computer, however a lack of time due to other projects, and more interest in making packs to sell and a new game engine would mark this project as dead for five years.

Current Game Status

In April of 2017, The Torque Steering Committee announced the Torque 3D 4.0 release, a modernization update which would bring the engine in line with modern day technology, with the same friendly confines of Torque that the PGD team was all too familiar with. At this point in time, Robert F announced that PGD would be returning to Torque 3D following the release of 4.0, and rebranded PGD Survival from an “Archived Project” to an “Active Project”, his goals for the project were then released on the forums:

  • An update to the game's AI, making them more difficult
  • A remodel of the game's progression system:
    • Re-design of the weapon system
    • Re-design of weapon unlocks, upgrades, etc
    • New character systems
  • A campaign mode, featuring solo and cooperative content
  • New game modes

These goals are set to be meet by means of multiple upgrade patches to the game which will focus on implementing updates, upgrades, and new features to the game. These updates follow.

Update 1.3: Eviction

Update 1.3, titled Eviction, is set to be the focus point on the game's rehabilitation from the “dead” per say, implementing the new updates to the cryptography systems as well as a focus on enhancing the existing gameplay. The primary goals of update 1.3 will be:

  • Implement the security system updates, deprecating Crypto++ from the engine in favor of an internal implementation using engine-only classes.
  • Removal of the specialization and weapon affinity systems, prep work for update 2.0.
    • Weapon upgrades will no longer exist
    • The armory menu and weapon challenge systems will be deprecated to prepare for a new system
    • Weapons will be distributed in game via map based locations to find weapons in
    • Loadout stations will be removed from the game.
    • Additional weapon ammunition can be purchased in game from weapon source locations, or obtained by the new power up system.
  • Power Ups
    • Power ups will be random drops that can occur when defeating zombies that can quickly change the tide of the engagement
    • With the 1.3 release, the following power ups will be introduced:
      • Restock: All players receive all of their ammunition for their weapons back to capacity, their weapons clips are also reset.
      • Market Boom: All points earned are increased by a random amount for a specific period of time.
        • Jackpots will be triggered when high value earnings are available, audio cues will denote this period of time.
      • Firepower: All weapon damage is increased for a period of time.
      • Banker's Vengeance: Damage output is increased for all players based on the amount of points they currently have.
      • Z-Bomb: Drops a bomb on the location of the power up which eliminates all zombies in the nearby vicinity.
  • Map Updates
    • Dead End
      • Dead End will receive a large sweeping update
      • The map will be expanded and redesigned, including new areas to explore and new secrets to discover
    • NEW MAP: Z-Town
      • Face the undead horde in a urban Chinatown environment.
      • Small scale map designed to get players quickly into the action.
  • Re-design of the game backend systems, allowing for the game to flow more steadily and with less bugs.
    • This will migrate more of the game's systems out of TorqueScript and into the C++ side of the engine to make them faster and more stable.
  • Re-design of the zombie AI, featuring new mechanics:
    • Horde behavior
    • Dead-End detection
    • Alternate route planning
    • Adjustments to spawning mechanic to spread out zombies over a wave instead of spawning them all in at once, this will counter the build up strategy that almost every player employed

There is no set release date for update 1.3.

Update 1.4: Darklands

Update 1.4 is a new addition to the PGD Survival plan, and will follow the 1.3 update. This update will focus on installing a new swath of new gameplay systems and features to better define PGD Survival. There will also be some new content to give to players at this time while the larger Arctic Outbreak (2.0) update begins development. The key features of the Darklands update will be:

  • Internal Engine Updates
    • GIF support
  • Challenges
    • In game tasks for players to complete
    • Rewards Banners, which are cosmetic display cards that will show in the menus
  • Weapon Camos
    • This is a T.B.D. feature that will obviously depend on a few behind the scenes things
    • Will be tied to the challenge system
  • New Powerup (Available on all maps)
    • Infinitum: Weapons gain unlimited ammo and do not drain the active clip for the duration of the power up
  • New Map: Death Valley
    • Challenge a new feature length map set in a large desert valley
    • Brand new map mechanics
      • Clearance Depot: Tired of paying a lot of money for some new firepower? Try out our new clearance depot! This special new system will provide you with a random weapon or equipment item… all for one low price (Some restrictions apply, we are not liable for any deaths that may occur due to usage of this object)
      • Traps: Lead zombies into quick and devastating traps which can eliminate hordes and provide an escape route
      • Special Weapons: Discover new secrets and locate missing pieces to construct a powerful new weapon
      • Enrich Generator: Enhance your weapons with some serious upgrade power to handle tougher encounters
      • NOTE: The Clearance Depot and Enrich Generator will be added to the other two maps during this update.
  • Game Mode Update
    • Horde: The existing game mode in PGD Survival will be renamed to Survival
    • Hardcore Survival: New addition in the Darklands update featuring stronger and faster zombies, less point gain, and less power up drops

Update 1.4 (Darklands) will follow the 1.3 update. There is no timeframe, however I believe this update will be rather simple to do and therefore it will likely arrive 1 - 3 months following 1.3.

Update 2.0: Arctic Outbreak

Update 2.0 will follow the 1.4 release. As most of the prep-work for 2.0 will come by means of back end adjustments during the 1.3 & 1.4 patches, 2.0 will focus much more on the internal game systems rather than the backend, releasing brand new content for players to explore. Update 2.0 is designated as Arctic Outbreak, and will be the release of the original designed first content for PGD Survival. Here are the key planned features of 2.0:

  • Addition of the character system
    • Players will be able to create and customize their survivor
    • Players will earn experience points by defeating zombies and surviving
    • More planned, but not ready for announcement yet
  • Weapon system 2.0
    • Weapons will no longer be tied to affinity progression, weapons must be crafted / found
    • Enemy combatants will drop materials, or players can explore the maps to find materials
    • A brand new armory menu will be added
    • Loadouts: Players will be able to select a starting weapon, experience will be required to use more powerful weapons. Other weapons will require map based progression.
  • Arctic Outbreak Expansion
    • Brand New Map
      • Crystal Lake: A frigid wasteland in the north with numerous hazards to evade, and employ for tactical advantages against the horde.
    • Three New Weapons
      • Shard Rifle: A hand crafted semi-automatic rifle designed on the frigid battlefields, launches ice shards at high velocity.
      • Blitz Cannon: Upgrading current weapon systems under the frozen conditions allow for unique implementations of existing weapons, semi-automatic shotgun style weapon.
      • Arctic Invoker: The plasma technology of these mysterious weapons shows remarkable ability for tinkering and modifications, unique energy weapon that can freeze enemies with a blast of frigid air.
    • Arctic Outbreak Mode
      • Harder version of the existing horde mode, featuring survival mechanics surrounding the elements of the frigid environment.
      • Players exposed to the harsh winter elements will be inflicted with negative status effects, even leading to slow damage over time which can be lethal.
      • Winter invades all maps with snowstorms with changing magnitudes making fighting the undead a more difficult task.
      • Some zombies will become enhanced by the cold conditions, and become harder to kill when outside, but easier to kill inside; the other zombies will treat the conditions as your player, and become easier to kill outside.

Update 2.1: Uprising

Uprising is the third planned update for PGD Survival, focusing on the game's replayability. This update will be the largest content addon for Survival such far, implementing new game experiences that players can enjoy and share with their friends.

  • Character System Updates
    • Add in more options for character customization
    • Character perks: This is the replacement for the weapon specializations, unique character upgrades that can be crafted or unlocked through the new Uprising mode
  • Uprising Expansion
    • Uprising Mode
      • Single or Co-Op Campaign
      • Features a large world map with a story element
      • Side missions to explore, encounters to complete
    • Evacuation Mode
      • 8 Player game mode
      • Survival / Escape mode
      • All players start with limited equipment, and must craft their items before attempting to escape via helicopter to win.
    • New Weapons
      • Currently Being Designed
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